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Wifi is no longer just a convenient accessory, it has become indispensable to our daily lives, this is why we developed PIA Decentralized wifi reward application. that would reward millions of wifi users, just by connecting their Mobile phones to any wifi device.



Our primary technology in carrying out our volume of work will be the PIA Mobile app. Pia application rewards any WIFi user for browsing the internet anytime, any day.


Stake pia token to earn yields and Access to the reward club.

Pia Reward

Redeem tangible offers like Call Cards, AirBNB Vouchers, Gift cards, Movie/Event tickets, NFTS, and other cryptos

P2P Piatoken Purchase

The pia WIFI DAPP will include p2p trading of piatoken

Chatroom/NFT Marketplace

We have included a feature where users can connect and chat with friends

Why Choose Our Token?

Browse now, Earn more

Big Data DAPP

The pia wifi decentralized app will become the largest engage 2 earn app, anyone with a smartphone can Literally browse and Earn.

Utility Value

Access to Real-time Rewards people want along with the use of platform token

Buy and Burn

We generate our revenue from established business models: Users engagement( subscription) and Transactions fees, so our focus will be to buy back the minted token and create demands for piatoken

Long-term Vision

Tokenizing the wifi experience enables Pia wifi DAPP to be an expression of that value, this includes wifi validators to allow users to earn for accessing any wifi service. The creation of pia token allows users to monetize lots of wasted time on the net

Token Distribution

To tokenize the WiFi experience


The use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread, The origin platform idea.
Development of the concept and business plan.

2022 Q3
Research and Planning
  • Website and Captive Portal Development

  • Release of White Paper

  • Wifi Equipment Purchased

2022 Q4
Evaluation and execution
  • Seed Sale & Private Sale.

  • organizing awareness conference in Africa

  • Launch of Pia token on an Exchange Platform

  • Launch our first WiFi Hotspot Solution center in Kenya

2023 Q1
  • Expanding our Wifi Hotspot coverage to South Africa and Nigeria.

  • Launching our Advertising Platform

  • Expansion to Many other countries in Africa

2023 Q2
Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Expanding our WiFi Hotspot coverage to Ethiopia and Ghana

  • Launching our Mining System

  • Monitoring and Evaluating all our WiFi Coverage Area

Promotion and Activation
  • Organizing and Hosting awareness conferences

  • Expanding to Independent Hotels

  • Expansion to Many other countries across the globe


Public internet service LLC will offer various services within the scope of the Internet cafe industry in Africa. Our intention in starting our WiFi hotspot in Africa is to profit from the industry, and we will do all that’s permitted by the law in Africa to achieve our aims and goals

  • 1

    Providing fast and secure internet browsing services.

  • 2

    Providing advertising opportunities for local businesses.

  • 3

    Sale of Public Internet services token.


Executive team

Our team player alway finds effective ways to improve the product and process

Patrick Nwabia

Co-founder & CEO

Bilal Mohammad

CTO & Software Engineer

Kelechi Silas

Project Manager

Adama Macalou

Africa product Manager

Our Partners

Coverage Areas

Building a internet infrastructure to connect and protect the unconnected
  • Wifi Users

    4 billion

  • App Download

    400 million

  • Monthly subscribers

    40 million

  • User subscription

    $10 per


Have any Question?

Join the industry leaders to discuss where the markets are heading. We accept token payments.

What is public internet service all about?

Public internet service Leverages blockchain technology to incentivize WiFi users anywhere in the world and provides low-cost and high-performance WiFi hotspots to public areas in order to give more communities access to WiFi solutions.

what is a PIA token?

Pia token is a new cryptocurrency that will be used in rewarding WiFi users through the Pia WiFi application.

How does the PIA wifi app works?

In a simple word; BROWSE AND EARN. Connect to any public or private WiFi and start earning, every second you spend on the WiFi determines the amount of token you will earn.

How do i convert my earnings to crypto?

We’ve created a web 3 Pia wallet, once you download it and sign in with your username, and automatically your earned token will be reflected, if you’re a subscriber or a token holder you will be eligible to convert rewards tokens to crypto. However, you can also use the tokens earned to SHOP, DONATE and also pay for Advertisements on the app.

How do people in areas without wifi or hotspot benefit?

Public internet service will provide Low-cost high-performance WiFi solutions to many communities, especially in Africa where there’s low WiFi coverage. Check the coverage areas on the website to see anyone next to you.

What are the requirements to withdraw the rewards token?

Only premium subscribers and PIA token holders would have the ability to transfer their earned tokens.

Where can i find the mobile apps and how do i subscribe to the premium service?

You can download the pia WiFi applications on iOS/ Google play store. And you can always buy Pia tokens on any of our listed exchanges.

What are the benefits of a premium subscriber?

There are a lot of benefits to subscribing to our premium service. The following are listed below.
Eligibility to transfer or withdraw reward tokens
2x rewards for every second spent on the internet
Eligibility to apply for donations for your project or service.


Download the whitepaper and learn about PIA Token
and the team/advisors.

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